Autoclaves can be customized to your specifications. A typical retrofitting can be customized to a variety of industry standards and other preferences. For instance, an autoclave retrofitting for an autoclave aligned with plastic surgery use would need its chamber length to be extended to sterilize longer liposuction cannulas. If you are using an autoclave in a lab, you could also need customized settings to ensure that you are getting the best use of your investment. An autoclave retrofitting is simply a way to get the most from your autoclave and ensure that it’s running optimally for your needs.

Our team offers specialized autoclave retrofitting for a number of applications, including plastic surgery and laboratory use.

personalized touches

custom approach

the best use of your investment

  • personalized touches

  • custom approach

  • the best use of your investment

Autoclave Retrofitting by Solclave

customized to
your needs

No two medical facilities are the same, and more than likely, your autoclave needs to be retrofitted with a few personalized touches to help you get the most from it. Liposuction cannulas are a unique concern among both physicians and patients. From facility to facility, the method of decontamination can vary widely. The problem with liposuction cannulas, no matter what method of decontamination is used, is that there is a large portion of the cannula that can’t be adequately accessed by most methods. The inner portion of the cannula can’t be scrubbed or cleaned in the same way as the exterior of the cannula, and this can lead to major problems. This is just one example of a specialized tool that needs a custom approach when it comes to proper decontamination, and it’s a great case for why autoclave retrofitting is useful and, in many cases, a requirement for you to get the most from your autoclave.

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